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Feel it to Heal it Cacao Ceremony

Feel it to Heal it Cacao Ceremony

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Saturday June 8th 4 pm - 6 pm 


Many of us were not taught to be intimate with their emotions. Instead, we were told, “Big girls, don't cry,” “You shouldn’t be upset; your life is great,” “Be quiet,” and “Go to your room.” We were taught to shove our emotions inside, and that it wasn’t safe to feel them. This creates what’s known as the “inner child” wounding. Our emotions become repressed and then triggered in our day-to-day life and relationships. In our workshop, we explore these wounds, reparent ourselves, and then release these repressed emotions from our bodies.

Using the plant medicine of cacao helps us to go deep and deepen our love for ourselves and for others. The depths of love that we feel for our inner child affect the depths of love that we can feel for ourselves. Cacao is a medicine of the heart and helps us to cultivate more love, compassion, and understanding 💕

Join Cierra to explore what the phrase “feel it to heal it” really means. Many of us were not taught to be intimate with our emotions, and instead were told to “get over it”, “big girls don’t cry”. We were told that our big emotions were not welcome and often made others “uncomfortable with them”. We were never taught how to process our feelings, how to learn from them, how to sit with them, and how to regulate ourselves after heavy processes.

This set us up for a lifetime of subconscious limiting beliefs, triggers, wounds, and traumas, all lodged deep within our bodies. 95% of our life is ruled by our subconscious mind, meaning that all of our repressed emotions get triggered constantly by external stimuli, as a way of saying, “hey, look at me, I want to be witnessed, felt and validated”. However, only we can be the ones to heal these fragmented parts of ourselves, to shine light and love on the shadow and integrate it back into our lives.

In this workshop, we will explore our most recent emotions and triggers, become intimate with them, explore the messages they have for us, trace them back to the first time we ever felt this way (childhood), and then go back and heal our little selves. Then we will release any repressed emotions from the body using somatic unwinding practices through the breath, movement and expression. This can look like toning, crying, yawning, tapping certain body parts, moving the body, lions breath, etc.

Once complete, we will integrate the experience with sound frequency therapy and will have time to journal and process in person. We use the plant medicine of cacao during this ceremony to connect us to deeper feelings of empathy and compassion for ourselves and for others. So often it is someone else who made this wounded imprint on us, and forgiveness is key in releasing yourself from carrying this burden. Cacao is also a gentle plant medicine, and her essence offers insights  and wisdom.

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