Nicole Malanaphy

Nicole is a dedicated 200 hour certified yoga instructor, reiki master, Ayurveda health counselor, life coach and sound healer.  With deep passion for holistic healing, Nicole integrates these modalities to help individuals achieve balance, harmony, wellness and vitality in their lives.  
Drawing inspiration from her love of nature, Nicole's approach to wellness is both nurturing and rejuvenating.  Whether it's through a calming yoga session, a healing reiki treatment, personalized ayurvedic counseling or transformative life coaching, Nicole creates a supportive environment for growth and healing.  
In addition to her holistic passions Nicole cherishes moments spent with her family and loves watching her two beautiful children grow and blossom.  She loves good conversation and fun experiences with friends, enjoys delicious food, dancing, live music and the simple pleasure of a warm cup of tea and a good book.  Nicole believes in enriching life with the power of meaningful connection, colorful experiences and finding beauty all around to enrich the soul and enhance one's radiance and bliss.  Join Nicole on a journey towards wellness, balance, joy, vitality, inner peace and harmony.  Book your appointment today and take a step towards elevating your frequency and becoming the best version of you.

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