Our Team

Welcome to the Healing Studio, where our dedicated team of compassionate and skilled practitioners is here to support you on your journey to emotional and spiritual healing. Our team is passionate about creating a nurturing space where women can find solace and empowerment. Each of our practitioners brings a unique blend of expertise in energy healing, including Reiki, Cacao Ceremony, Soundbath, Breathwork, and other transformative practices. Together, we are committed to helping you achieve emotional regulation, overcome feelings of aloneness, and embrace a path of holistic healing. Join us at the Healing Studio, where your well-being is our highest priority.

Mimillia Eisner

Mimi is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Healing Studio.Mimi's journey into holistic health began while caring for herself and her unborn daughter, Olivia. Her passion for natural healing led to the founding of Maeve Skincare in 2015...

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Cierra Rosen

Cierra embarked on her spiritual journey in 2015, initially to heal herself, and soon realized her calling to share these teachings with others....

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Remah Doleh

Remah is a highly-attuned energy medicine practitioner, specializing in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy...

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Julia Chauvin

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Nicole Malanaphy

Nicole is a dedicated 200 hour certified yoga instructor, reiki master, Ayurveda health counselor, life coach and sound healer...

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Abby Picciano

Abby is a 200 hour certified Hatha yoga instructor, reiki level 1 attuned, and a student of life.

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Elzi Fincun

For over 20 years Elzi has worked with Tarot to spiritually coach those wishing to connect the unconscious mind with the conscious

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Nadeen Al-Jijakli Abbass

Originally from New York City, Nadeen came to yoga 16+ years ago when a coworker gave her a prenatal yoga DVD.

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Gigi Garceau

Gigi is a retail associate at The Healing Studio and has had a fantastic summer learning about crystals and holistic healing...

Sarah Soryal

Sarah is a retail associate at The Healing Studio and recent graduate from Miami University. Outside of the studio...