Remah Doleh

Remah is a highly-attuned energy medicine practitioner, specializing in Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Womb Healing & Cord Cutting and soon will be offering her own unique modality called the Healing Light Therapy. She has spent the latter part of her life studying energy medicine with various teachers, refining her skills as an energy medicine practitioner. She is an Oracle; a conduit for Divine wisdom and guidance. Her Oracle nature is woven into her sessions and her teachings. Remah’s sessions and attunements are considered soul activations; a sacred initiation in embodying one’s Highest Self.

Remah offers energy sessions, activations, 1:1 intuitive life coaching, sacred attunements, trainings, workshops and co-hosts retreats at The Healing Studio.

Along with Mimi and Cierra, she is the co-founder of The Mystery School of the Feminine Healing Arts. Starting in 2025, they will teach a diverse curriculum including energy healing modalities, sacred feminine practices, intuitive development, holistic wellness, creative expression, spiritual growth, and fostering connections with community and nature. This school aims to empower women through comprehensive and transformative learning experiences.

Remah is a certified trauma-informed intuitive life coach. Specifically helping women rewild and de-colonize their life, living in tune with the innate wisdom and natural energy cycles of their body and remembering their connection to nature. Her coaching sessions are highly unique and individualized to each woman. Remah supports women in tapping into their highest potentials.

When not in service, Remah is engaging in higher learning and is currently enrolled in a feminine-led breathwork facilitator training and an Ayurvedic wellness coaching program. Remah has dedicated her life to sacred service and continues to fine tune her gifts and modalities in service to humanity. In her free time, she is tending to her inner spark by channeling her creativity through various outlets, such as writing, dancing, photography, and co-creating with her community, as well as communing with nature. She is a gardener, a traveler and a philosopher at heart. She is here on purpose and in purpose. She dedicates her life to collective healing and liberation.

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