Womb Healing and Cord Cutting Reiki with Remah

Womb Healing and Cord Cutting Reiki with Remah

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Womb healing and energetic cord cutting is an ancient healing modality that delves deep into feminine energy and ancestral wisdom. The holy womb space is not just an organ but a powerful energetic center.

What are energetic cords?
Energetic cords are energetic lines that link the energy bodies of two people. It is a psychic connection to another person. It can be seen as an umbilical cord, but rather than transferring life-giving nutrients, there is an exchange of life force and emotional energy that may be draining and life-depleting. It is an energetic attachment that feeds upon your life force energy. Energy transcends time and space, therefore, energetic cords can be present even when the other person may no longer be around you. Energetic cords are formed when two people interact and exchange energy, whether romantically or platonically. When emotional bonds are created, energetic cords are also created. But not all energetic cords are considered unhealthy or harmful. Some cords can be life-affirming. However, the unhealthy, life-depleting cords can be a major detriment to ones physical, emotional, mental and energetic health. These are the cords we focus on severing in these sessions. Ancient Tantric wisdom states that energetic cords formed during romantic partnerships may remain in your energy field and womb space for up to seven years if they are not intentionally released. Cord cutting ceremonies help to make space for new connections, free from the energetic debris of past relationships and experiences.

What is Womb Healing?
The womb is an energetic center that stores ancestral trauma, baggage and imprints. As well as the emotional wounding, trauma, and karmic debris you may have accumulated in your current/past lifetime(s). Womb healing is the process of extracting energetic density and discordant energies, including trauma, imprints, wounding, and parasitic energies inherited from your bloodline that are *ready* to be released. In addition, womb healing helps to restore your soul force energy.

Signs of unhealthy energetic cords and energetic womb density:
• Relationship karmic loop
• Finding yourself stuck in the same relationship dynamics
• Depletion, feeling lethargic, drained, depressed, waves of unexplained sadness • Mood swings
• Feeling stuck, complacent, or lost
• Hard to forgive yourself or the other person
• Constantly living in the past and stuck in the woulda, coulda, shoulda mindset
• Obsessive thoughts about the other person
• Not able to move on from a past relationship
• Overwhelming feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame and self-blame
• Unhealthy habits and addictions, seeking comfort in uncomplimentary behaviors, such as
binging, drinking, use of drugs, casual sex, excessive shopping etc. • Lowered immunity, getting sick often
• The other person (or experience) often appear in your dreams
• Feeling blocked from creativity
• Lacking motivation, drive and direction
• Feeling disconnected from your womb, your body, and your intuition • Living from the mental space
• Feeling disconnected from your sacred feminine energy
• Lacking self-love and compassion
 • Often triggered by other women

In this womb healing and cord-cutting ceremony, you are guided into a sacred pilgrimage into your holy womb to reclaim your power, sovereignty, freedom, and soul-force energy. We are clearing and cutting all uncomplimentary, life-depleting energetic cords that were formed from past romantic relationships, friendships, encounters and experiences. In addition, we are clearing ancestral baggage that have been inherited from your bloodline that are ready to be released. The womb is the holder of the Red Line; the mother lineage. These sessions also support the healing of the mother wound and sister shadow. These sessions are an energetic purification of your womb space.
The session is held in an intentional, safe ceremonial space. You are laying down comfortably. We begin with setting intentions. We then flow into a meditation. In this mediation you are guided through visualization, and depending on your intentions, you will envision past partners, experiences, connections, and lifetimes in which your power, sovereignty, freedom and soul force energy were willing or unwillingly given away. As these experiences are brought into your minds eye and womb space, I am facilitating a shamanic extraction, clearing all foreign and uncomplimentary energies, densities, and ancestral baggage that aren’t serving your highest good and highest healing and that are ready to be released. Along with the extraction, I am severing all uncomplimentary and life-depleting energetic cords. This extraction and cord cutting may invoke a powerful emotional release, body shaking, and body temperature changes. These are some of the ways the body purges energies. This is common in these ceremonial spaces. After the extraction/cord cutting is complete, I am filling the womb space with Reiki energy, as well as your own Soul force energy. We are sending all that has been released back to point of origin or back out into the universe to be transmuted into the highest form of light for the benefit of all beings. In session, I use Reiki energy, symbolic severing, meditation/visualization, shamanic tools, such as drums and rattles, light language, crystals and sacred smudging to support your healing and releasing.

This is deep work. The womb space is the holy grail. It is the portal of infinity. Connecting with the womb is connecting with the Source of life. Maintaining this connection is having access to unlimited life force energy and vitality. The womb is a mystery school; a living library of ancient wisdom. Maintaining energetic hygiene and connection to your womb is the key to embodying your highest potentials and tapping into the ancient wisdom within. These sessions will help attune you to the wisdom and the consciousness of your holy womb.
Whether you have a physical womb or not, there is an energetic blueprint still in place. Men also have a womb space called the Hara and may also benefit from womb healing and cord cutting.

Please wear comfortable clothes. It is recommended to book on a day where you are not busy with a to-do list. These sessions need plenty of time to rest and integrate.

*These sessions are not suitable for those who are currently pregnant.*
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