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Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) with Remah

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) with Remah

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Integrative Energy Therapy or IET painlessly awakens and clears core cellular memory which has been suppressed within the body, mind and spirit; assisting the release of old energy patterns, karmic patterns, belief systems (from this lifetime and past) and trauma brought in from ancestral lineage. In addition, IET works with the activation of your 12-strand DNA, as well as assisting you in reconnecting with your soul cluster (soulmates, soul family etc).

IET works to detect and support the release of congested energy from the cellular memory of the body and then assists in clearing the associated energy blockage (trauma, wounds, patterns, beliefs) from the human energy field and four body systems. As energy blockages which limit health, life purpose, prosperity, sexuality, and creativity are cleared, the life force which has become restricted through physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual trauma is freed and the body, mind and spirit are rebalanced.

The IET techniques are based on a unique cellular memory map in which 9 primary locations are identified as storage areas for suppressed emotions, trauma, wounds, and patterns. These locations include the major organ and endocrine systems of the body as well as the chakras. Using gentle therapeutic touch, healing energy is directed into these specific areas on the body. Energy blocks are then released and cleared through the IET techniques and power points located along the spine.

As the blockage associated with the original disturbance is located and cleared, the suppressed charge of energy dissipates and rebalances within the field. In this way IET provides a simple, gentle, and nurturing way to open the flow of vital life force within the human body and energy field.

These sessions are 75 minutes in duration. 

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