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888 Lioness Activation Day Retreat

888 Lioness Activation Day Retreat

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Prepare for a profound, transformative and healing experience that will activate your highest manifestations!

The Lion’s Gate Portal occurs when the sun in Leo aligns with the star Sirius, the Orion constellation and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is the star of new beginnings, higher insights, spiritual awakening, and devotion. The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the sun. The sun represents the Self and symbolizes one’s will and motivation. When the Sun in Leo and Sirius align it is an activation of personal power, supporting your highest manifestations, goals and desires. This energy creates abundance, not only spiritually but materially. It can usher in clarity and insight on your souls purpose. It is also the energy of rebirth and new beginnings.

In numerology, the number 8 represents prosperity, abundance, fortune, manifestation, luck, and balance. Turn the 8 to the side and it forms an infinity symbol, which represents the never-ending flow of universal energy, empowerment and enlightenment. On this rare and auspicious day 8/8/8, these energies intensify. Although this portal aligns every year on 8/8, this is the only time we will EVER experience a triple 8 gateway! This is a highly activating portal!

During this celestial alignment there is a massive influx of high frequency energy from the cosmos flooding the earth. This is a time when new levels of consciousness are infused on our planet and also into each of us individually. This high frequency energy thins the veil between the physical and spiritual realms. This is also seen as a portal of great awakening, opening your psychic centers and accelerating your ascension. This is an invitation to go deeper within yourself, activate your power and align with the highest frequencies available to you on this day. This cosmic gateway is the rainbow bridge to your Highest Self!

The Healing Studio and Feminine Mystica have teamed up to offer an evening retreat!

We will start this event in sacred circle, going deeper into the Lionsgate portal, and how to harness its energy, as well as share intentions. From there we will transition into a cacao ceremony to raise our consciousness, deep in our intuition, anchor in our intentions, and connect deeply to our hearts, bodies, and each other. From there we will move into ecstatic dance to release any stagnant energy blocking us from our highest alignment, and activate our inner fire and power. After the dance is over we will transition to a sound bath to integrate the experience, while simultaneously receiving light codes and light energy channeled by Remah. The veil is especially thin on 888, which means that receiving messages from our allies, highest self, and spirit guides is much more accessible. We will conclude the ceremony with a closing circle and light refreshments and conversation to anchor in the experience.

We have 15 spots open for a floating sound bath, 14 spots for lounge chairs and 30 lawn spots. 

Floating - a fully immersive experience of floating in a pool on an air mattress during the sound bath and light codes. 

Lounge Chairs - double and singles.

Lawn - bring your own mat. 

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