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Reiki Level 1-Sacred Attunement Training with Remah Doleh

Reiki Level 1-Sacred Attunement Training with Remah Doleh

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Are you ready to awaken your inner healer? Are you ready to step into the role of an energy medicine partitioner? Or are you just curious in Reiki and all of its benefits?

This Reiki Level 1 attunement is a rites of passage into the realm of energy healing and personal transformation. This is a sacred initiation in embodying your Highest Self and an invitation to explore your souls gifts.
Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality that utilizes universal life force energy to harmonize, balance and to heal.

Along with this comprehensive training and attunement, one will receive an activation, initiating the light body to integrate the symbols offered in Reiki 1. These symbols are codes, a set of light-encoded frequencies, that support the recalibration of your subtle body to hold and anchor higher light as you channel the flow of Reiki.

Reiki Level 1 focuses on attuning the energy channels, creating energetic resonance within the body for the universal life force energy of Reiki to flow through you with ease. This helps the practitioner to connect with the energetic signature of Reiki, as well as creating a relationship with the energy.

One will learn to hold the space for their own healing and the space for others as a conduit for this healing energy.
During this course, you will be initiated into the lineage of Usui Shiki Ryoho; a legacy of ancient healing wisdom. You will learn the rich history of Reiki; develop an understanding of the chakras and the energy system; the sacred art of intention and prayer before facilitating Reiki sessions for yourself and/or others; receive the Reiki symbol attunements; hand positions on self and others; plenty of time to practice on classmates; the art of setting up your Reiki space; and keeping Reiki in its highest integrity.
You will also learn how to attune your intuition, create energetic boundaries, space gridding and energetic cleansing techniques before and after sessions.
This is a hands-on experience. You will develop the sensitivity to the Reiki energy and experience the giving and receiving of this energy.

Please note, Reiki Level 1 attunement is a powerful activation within your subtle body. This activation will help clear density and discordant energies from your field. You will experience a healing transformation and a spiritual cleanse. As this Reiki attunement integrates in your energy field, you will begin to clear all that is not in vibrational resonance with your Highest Self and highest timelines, energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally. This is an inner metamorphosis, guiding you in stepping into your Highest embodiment. This is a soul alignment.
This is a deeply comprehensive training and activation open to new and existing Reiki practitioners. Whether you’re brand new to Reiki or have had previous Reiki attunements, this course is sure to offer you the tools, training, and the confidence to facilitate Reiki.
You will receive a certificate upon completion.

Whether you choose to step into sacred space holding as a conduit for Reiki or are solely interested in self-healing, this attunement is for you.
I welcome you into this sacred space and hope to walk along side you on your Reiki journey!

To support your highest experience for you attunement, avoid the following three days prior to your training:
• Eliminate or greatly reduce your intake of meat and dairy. The reason behind this is animal products take more energy for our bodies to digest and when practicing healing we want our body’s energy to be fully available for channeling.
• Greatly reduce processed foods and refined sugar as it blocks your higher senses.
• Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol affects the nervous system and should be avoided.
• Refrain from Cannabis as it tends to fog up the auric field.
• Reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke, if you are a smoker. This will help your body be
in a healthier state for spiritual work and cleansing.
• Avoid excessive stimulation from television, internet and smartphones.
• Reduce or eliminate your consumption of caffeine as this affects your nervous system.
• Do not engage in activities that deplete your energy. You will know best what these activities
are for you.

Recommendations to improve your experience the day of your training:
• Drink plenty of filtered water. Keep yourself hydrated. You will be surprised how much energy you will use during your day training.
• Eat whole foods. Nourish your body with high vibrational foods.
• Get plenty of rest!
• Meditate and set your heart-centered intentions for this training.

Please bring:
• Notebook and pen
• Any crystals and divination that you feel called to bring.
• Yoga mat, props, and anything else to make yourself comfortable. • Water bottle
• Snacks
• Comfortable clothes
Post-attunement recommendations will be discussed in your training.

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