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Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading

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For over 20 years Elzi has worked with Tarot to spiritually coach those wishing to connect the unconscious mind with the conscious. 

Her approach is client-centric meaning the client determines the situation, subject, or question the reading will focus on and Tarot is used to facilitate a conversation toward understanding and clarity.

Elzi also works with pendulums, Theta, and astrology which has helped her create a holistic approach for helping others and even their pets.

She is an artist, animal and nature lover, and enjoys baking gluten free indulgences.

Currently, we offer mini tarot reading (15min), 30 and 60 minute readings. 

Short and Sweet, 15 minute appointments are great for quick questions and direct guidance. 

30 minute reading 
Goldilocks Choice. 30 minute appointments are for when you want a bit more time for details and processing but don’t feel you need a full hour.

60 minute reading 
Have a more complicated situation to unwrap? 60 minute appointments allow for clients to get into the nitty gritty of the situation for better understanding, guidance, and processing.
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